STEIGER® Specially Designed Models

RUTHMANN has designed, manufactured and distributed aerial platforms under the world famous STEIGER ® brand name for over 55 years. Our large selection of specially designed models, have helped us become a market leader. We’ll fulfil your wishes and turn your ideas into reality.  Let us know how we can help you.

4 x 4 STEIGER®

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mounted onto a 7.5 t FWD chassis

STEIGER ® mounted onto a 7.5 t FWD chassis
In order to do necessary installations, maintenance and repair work, power electric companies, often have to travel great distances. Being able to transport a large amount of tools and material - to minimize time consuming - trips between the job site and home base is extremely important. Furthermore, the vehicle they require needs to be versatile in all types of terrain. The STEIGER ® seen here has a 15 m working height and is mounted onto a 7.5 ton four wheel drive chassis.


Spezialausfuehrungen 4-6



A STEIGER ® mounted onto a vehicle with a long driver’s cab (crew cab) is suitable for installation crews, since it eliminates the need for additional accompanying vehicles.





Regardless of your individual loading area/box construction requirements and regardless of which RUTHMANNSTEIGER ® model you choose, we’ll create the most suitable platform for you.





A STEIGER ® mounted onto an “Econic” chassis has a definite advantage, in that it allows easy and comfortable vehicle access. Combined with the natural gas powered option, it’s the ideal aerial platform for power companies and communities.

STEIGER ® T 380 with airline equipment

Ultra-modern aerial platform access technology is required in order to repair, care and maintain today’s modern aircraft, including the A380. The work needs to be carried out in a safe, fast and cost-effective manner. Only the RUTHMANNSTEIGER ®  T 380 AE (airline equipment) is able to fulfil all these requirements.