The best work platform on a 3.5 t chassis!

  • 27,00 m working height
  • 16,40 m outreach
  • 230 kg working cage load capacity
  • diverse base vehicles 3,5 t (GVW)*
  • EURO 6 compatible (because of lightweight design)
  • telescoping boom system made of high strength, fine-grained steel with proven multi-bevelled technology
  • innovative “space frame design” tower
  • 2 x 85° cage rotation device
  • interchangeable cage system
  • time-tested horizontal/vertical jacking mechanism for maximum versality
  • total vehicle length: 6,86 m
  • low vehicle height: 2,99 m
  • positioning at inclinations of up to 5°
    * gross vehicle weight
Working height
27,00 m
Lifting height
25,00 m
16,40 m
Permissible inclination
Total height
2,99 m
Total length
6,86 m
Permissible total weight
3.500 kg
Work basket size
1,40 x 0,70 m
Work basket load capacity
230 kg
Range of rotation
Driving Licence

The TB 270+ is the most efficient truck-mounted STEIGER ® in the 3.5 t category. This new model is even more efficient than its popular predecessor – the TB 270 – because of the many innovative steel construction techniques. Operators have an extra 3 metres of working height at their disposal. The full 27 m working height is attainable at the maximum 230 kg basket load capacity. With a basket load of 100 kg, the TB 270+ still attains a horizontal outreach of 16.4 m.
That is almost 2 metres more than its predecessor. The TB 270+ also performs brilliantly BELOW ground.

The basket on the new TB 270+ is an excellent place to work. The basket – with its 230 kg load capacity – is 1.4 m wide and 0.7 m deep. There is room enough for two workers plus tools and material. The innovative interchangeable basket system is also extremely practical. Standard aluminium baskets and optional insulated 1000 V synthetic baskets can be easily switched for multiple application purposes.

There are no stumbling hazards whatsoever in the innovative, new basket. Safety, efficiency, and stability have been optimized. The new 2 x 85° electric swivel drive is now protected with a cover with the pivot point positioned directly under the basket. In addition to the practical cleaning hatch, the basket features a new slip-resistant aluminium cage floor and entry/exit points.

As with the predecessor model, the 5° permissible inclination is a standard feature.

The TB 270+ is EURO 6 compatible and can be mounted onto the latest trucks in the 3.5 t (Class B driver’s licence) category. Brands include Mercedes-Benz, VW, Nissan, Renault, Iveco, and more. Of course customers can also select chassis with a higher GVW (gross vehicle weight) rating for increased load capacity. The new STEIGER ® TB 270+ can also be mounted on all-wheel drive truck chassis.

In order to compensate for the heavier EURO 6 chassis, we were able to reduce the weight of the TB 270+ through our state-of-the-art and highly innovative steel fabrication techniques.

On the telescoping boom system, proven multi-bevelled (polygonal) technology was employed in the fabrication process. The booms – made of high-strength, high-tech, fine-grained steel and welded with just one seam – provide high buckling strength and greater torsional rigidity. Despite the reduction in curb weight, boom dimensions have actually increased. The power supply is integrated internally within the boom system.

The “bionic design” of the turret (welded honeycomb-like structure) – combined with multi-bevel technology – provides a 20% weight reduction, 20% more load torque, and a 20% increase in torsional rigidity.

A notable improvement in terms of weight was also achieved through the newly developed hydraulic system. The innovative hydraulic valve control block – also found on the STEIGER ® TBR 220 – is more compact and much lighter than on the predecessor model. The new valve control block reduces weight and saves space.

All of these features combined, maximize stability at the job site. The modular design provides additional advantages. Many parts/components on the new TB 270+ are identical to those found on the tried-and-tested TBR 220.
Customers are now able to provide care and maintenance training using just one model.

Contact us by phone, fax, or email to learn more about the performance capabilities and advantages of our time-tested STEIGER ® products. We look forward to hearing from you.