Ruthmann Finance

Rent or lease? Buy or sell? Whatever you need, Ruthmann Finance is the smart choice!

Buy or sell smart used machines

We offer a large selection of used transport vehicles or aerial platforms made by RUTHMANN and other manufacturers.

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The advantages of buying used machines
  • We have decades of experience in this field and offer a large selection of used aerial platforms and special-transport vehicles made by RUTHMANN and other manufacturers
  • Thanks to our highly-qualified service technicians, the used machinery we sell reflects our commitment to quality and safety(maintenance, emission tests, etc.) documented by uninterrupted maintenance records
  • Expert reconditioning techniques (cleaning and painting) give our used machinery that “as good as new” look
  • We can show you various financing and insurance options and provide top-quality service and maintenance for the machinery you have purchased
  • Personal consultation and test runs are available. Contact us to make an appointment.

An alternative to a purchase

You would like to use the newest Ruthmann vehicle technology without burdening your budget or your company balance sheet? Then Cleverrent is your alternative!

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All inclusive - Our complete service

When buying a machine, the variable cost block consisting of the service, maintenance and wear costs adds to the depreciation costs and to the interest rates. Renting a machine offers you on the other hand maximum availability to a fixed rental charge (also due to our first vehicle regulation).

Besides our comprehensive services in terms of insurance and maintenance, all legal inspections and repair procedures including spare-parts for the vehicle but also for the Ruthmann superstructure belong to our all-in service. Our factory service stations together with our service vehicles are on-call 24 hours a day and ensure that your vehicles always remain operational.