STEIGER® AMPERO TBR 260 E - 100 % electric

The proven RUTHMANN AMPERO - Now on series chassis


RUTHMANN electric drive:

The full electric E-STEIGER® AMPERO TBR 260 E has a unique concept. It is centrally powered by the battery of the IVECO eDaily for driving and simultaneously for STEIGER® operation. With the AMPERO TBR 260 E, you drive and work on a 5.5 t-7.2-t chassis quietly and emission-free.

Continuation of the successful electric drive technology for truck-mounted aerial platforms

RUTHMANN makes itself fit for the future with emission-free drive system!

Strong benefits of the electric engine:

  • No costs for diesel
  • High engine torque and efficient engine braking
  • No gearbox, alternator, engine oil etc.
  • No exhaust emission test
  • Extremely low-maintenance and low running costs
  • Long service life

Range and charging time*

Range and charging time of electric truck-mounted aerial work platform Ampero TBR 260 E

Use flexibility

The new RUTHMANN STEIGER® AMPERO TBR 260 E is perfect for operations in
residential, pedestrian and diesel no drive zones.

  • Exhaust-free and CO2-free as well as almost noiseless working
  • Operations also in enclosed spaces
  • Work at night or during rest times

The highest and most performant truck-mounted aerial platform in this electric class

The E-STEIGER® AMPERO TBR 260 E does not require any change in use
compared to a conventionnally operated truck-mounted aerial platform. 

  • 26.00 m working height and impressive 17.00 m outreach = more working
    height and outreach than its predecessor STEIGER® Ampero 250 E
  • Proven RÜSSEL®, movable jib with 185° rotation angle for
    maximum use flexibility
  • Flexible stabilisation for more outreach through possible stabilisation
    close to the object
Arbeitsdiagramm RUTHMANN STEIGER Ampero TBR 260 E auf IVECO eDaily

Arbeitsdiagramm RUTHMANN STEIGER Ampero TBR 260 E auf IVECO eDaily

Work quietly

The new STEIGER® AMPERO TBR 260 E is especially suitable for operation in noise-sensitive areas such as e.g. hospitals, retirement homes, residential areas.

Target groups

  • Rental companies
  • Painters
  • Building cleaners
  • Hall builders
  • Garden and landscape construction
  • Signal equipment assemblers
  • Municipalities
  • Energy suppliers and much more

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