T 400
Celebrating its world premiere at this year’s APEX trade show in Amsterdam: the RUTHMANN HEIGHT performance STEIGER ® T 400. Like the other models in the popular HEIGHT performance series, the T 400 provides top performance and scores major points with its exceptional price-performance ratio.
T 400
LTE expansion work and UMTS improvements continue unabated. Only truck-mounted aerial work platforms with exceptional agility can get the job done safely and efficiently. The brand new RUTHMANN T 400 is absolutely perfect for this type of assignment. The picture (on the left) illustrates the amazing performance capabilities of the T 400. It comes with a 31 m lateral reach and enormous upper boom length. The movable jib (RUESSEL ®) and the rotating/ telescoping work cage, guarantee maximum agility at the job site.
T 400
The long upper boom and movable jib (RUESSEL ®), give the STEIGER ® T 400 the performance capabilities to carry out assignments safely and efficiently when working up high. Its amazing agility even allows operators to work BEHIND objects. Pictured here: the T 400 and its fully adjustable support mechanism. With outriggers extended on one side only, traffic continues to move freely at this job site.
T 400
In addition to compact overall dimensions – total vehicle length of just 9.75 m and height of just 3.76 m – the new T 400 also has amazing performance capabilities. RUTHMANN’s newest work platform features a 40 m working height and 31 m lateral reach.

Discover new dimensions

  • 40 m working height
  • 31 m lateral reach
  • 9.75 m total vehicle length (depends on vehicle type)
  • Top performance data due to multi-bevelled boom technology
  • Work “behind” objects using movable jib (RÜSSEL ®)
  • Generous 600 kg working cage load capacity
  • Working below ground possible
  • Enter and load working cage at ground level with “Lift-Up-System”
  • Automatic set-up/ retraction mechanism at the push of a button
  • Aluminium working cage can be extended hydraulically
  • Maintenance-friendly boom system
Working height
40,00 m
Lifting height
38,00 m
31,00 m *
Permissible inclination
Total height
< 3,95 m
Total length
9,75 m
Swivelling angle of upper boom
Swivelling angle of the jib / RÜSSEL®
Permissible total weight
18.000 kg
Work basket size
2,42 x 0,97 m
Maximum work basket size
3,82 x 0,97 m
Work basket load capacity
600 kg
Range of rotation

* depending on load, angle of rotation and outfit