Opening ceremony of the ECOLINE production hall in Montescudo, Italy

The new ECOLINE production hall in Montescudo, Italy, was officially opened on September 5th. With the new building RUTHMANN Italia increases the production capacity of the ECOLINE and BLUELIFT working platforms in order to meet the increasing international demand.

The numerous guests, including customers, suppliers and sales partners, were able to get an impression of RUTHMANN Italia production on site and experience the ECOLINE and BLUELFIT devices live. After arrival, the visit had the opportunity to explore the RUTHMANN Italia production site during a tour of the plant. After the reception and welcome by the management, the opening was duly celebrated with an ample atmosphere and good Italian food. The dinner was accompanied by a live band.

During the opening ceremony some awards were presented.

Ebbe Christensen (ReachMaster, Inc.) received the Dealer of the year 2019 award and Franco Venturi (Atlantic Fluid Tech) took home the Supplier of the year 2019 award.

RUTHMANN Italia would like to thank them for their successful cooperation and the trust they have placed in us.

Dealer of the year 2019
F.l.t.r.: Gianni Marti (RUTHMANN Italia), Rolf Kulawik (RUTHMANN), Dealer of the year 2019: Ebbe Christensen (ReachMaster, Inc.)
Supplier of the year 2019
F.l.t.r.: Gianni Marti (RUTHMANN Italia), Supplier of the year 2019: Franco Venturi (Atlantic Fluid Tech), Rolf Kulawik (RUTHMANN)

Two employees of RUTHMANN Italia were also honoured. Alex Ugolini and Ivan Casoli received an award for being employees since 10 years.

Keep it up!

10-jähriges Jubiläum
F.l.t.r.: Ivan Casoli, XXX
10-jähriges Jubiläum
F.l.t.r.: Alex Ugolini, XXX

RUTHMANN Italia History

In 2015, before RUTHMANN Italia was founded, there was a workshop for welding and assembly. A total of 20 employees worked there, 14 of them production workers.

In 2018 the first new factory hall was erected. After two years at RUTHMANN Italia, 35 employees worked in Montescudo, 27 of whom were responsible for assembly and welding work.

And now after 4 years the new production hall for the assembly of the RUTHMANN ECOLINE has been built and with 43 production employees RUTHMANN Italia will triple the production of working platforms.

Many thanks to the entire RUTHMANN Italia Team!