Grúas Romaní Übergabe Gruppenbild
Xavi Romaní, Jacinto Romaní, Bert Wiegel (AMCO), Jordi Romaní (from left to right) are delighted with the new RUTHMANN STEIGER®.

GRÚAS ROMANÍ acquires the first RUTHMANN STEIGER® T 700 HF delivered in Spain. With the commissioning of this new machine, GRÚAS ROMANÍ expands its portfolio of RUTHMANN aerial work platforms.

The Spanish company, with more than 50 years of experience in the industry, offers rental services for construction machinery. Since 2014, this has also included access platforms. The aerial work platform fleet currently includes machines from 37 to 75 meters in height.

The RUTHMANN STEIGER® T 700 HF is a 70 meter long truck-mounted access platform with a compact chassis length of just 11.99 m for working in confined spaces. It does not require a special permit for driving on public roads as it does not exceed a length of 12 m.

The STEIGER® is equipped with an extra-long triple jib with a length of 24.6 m and achieves a lateral reach of up to 41 meters. The maximum basket load is 600 kg.

The high-flex technology (HF) of the RUTHMANN STEIGER® T 700 HF enables flexible up, over and back.

Based on many years of experience in various industries, GRÚAS ROMANÍ has selected a wide range of equipment for this machine, including the Lift-up system, a proportional remote control for lifting loads. The machine also has the DRS system, which calculates performance data in real time, such as the basket load or the boom position, in order to get the maximum performance out of the machine. 

The process of specifying and configuring the customized machine was accompanied by technicians from AMCO Machinery & Consulting - the official Ruthmann dealer in Spain. As is customary with RUTHMANN and AMCO, extensive training on key aspects such as operation, safety, maintenance and servicing was provided during the delivery of the STEIGER®.

GRÚAS ROMANÍ T 700 HF Aussicht von oben
Working at lofty heights - the experts at GRÚAS ROMANÍ have many years of experience.

GRÚAS ROMANÍ has a team of trained and qualified employees with many years of experience. With its large fleet of cranes, aerial work platforms and transportation equipment, GRÚAS ROMANÍ serves customers in many different sectors, such as industry, civil engineering and the winch energy sector.

We wish GRÚAS ROMANÍ every success with the new truck-mounted aerial work platform!