France Elévateur UPTO 15 the first model of a new generation

The UPTO generation is the result of intensive work by our research and development department. Our goal at France Elévateur is to offer our customers ever higher quality products. That is why we have worked to reduce the weight of the working platform and the energy consumption in the UPTO range.

Several models from 13 to 18 metres on van and chassis cabs will form the UPTO range in the future. Thanks to the use of new materials and laser welding technology, the UPTO series is around 30% lighter than previous comparable machines. This enormous weight saving facilitates material transport and reduces fuel consumption. The innovative control technology now also consumes around 20 % less electrical energy than before.

UPTO 15 available immediately

The new series starts with the UPTO 15 with a working height of 15.10 metres and a maximum reach of 9.10 metres. With the basket arm, the UPTO 15 can also reach work sites behind interfering edges and thus expands the range of applications enormously. The stable construction allows basket loads of up to 230 kg and the assembly of material by two persons. At the same time, the basket can be rotated by 60°. The new, particularly low basket threshold in the workman basket makes it much easier to get in and out. The new dual-motion control allows two movements to be carried out during operation without loss of speed, thus saving a lot of time, especially when the cage has to be raised and lowered frequently during operations. The new home function is then a particularly great relief during daily use.

Plenty of interior transport volume

Thanks to the new, ultra-compact tower in the load compartment, 90% of the interior volume is retained. In the UPTO 15, up to 500 kg of payload is available for large, bulky parts. Of course, even when the telescopic boom is not in use, the rear door can be fully opened on one side to load and unload the UPTO 15.

Plenty of comfort for daily use

In addition to the above-mentioned home function, the UPTO 15 also has an automatic outrigger. At the push of a button, the machine can be automatically outriggered and aligned. This means that work can begin immediately.

Emission-free operation also possible

With the optionally available Eco-Pack, it is possible to use the UPTO 15 as a hybrid working platform. Completely without CO2 emissions and almost noiseless, the UPTO 15 can then be used at night, in narrow pedestrian zones and even indoors. In the following you will find the technical features of UPTO 15, an innovative, lightweight and handy model:


The advantages of the UPTO 15 at a glance

  • 30 % more payload through use of HLE 960 steel and laser welding
  • Cage arm rotation angle 180°
  • Working height 15.10 m
  • Basket load 2 persons/230 kg
  • Maximum outreach 9.10 m (80 kg)
  • Empty weight: 3,000 kg
  • Double movement
  • Automatic levelling system
  • Slope operation up to 15 %
  • 90 % of the internal volume is retained thanks to the new ultra-compact barrel
  • Basket rotation 2 x 60°