Successful roadshow with the T 300 XS in Belgium

In the best weather, Marius Wiesmann, in cooperation with our sales & service partner HDW Belux, organised a roadshow with the RUTHMANNSTEIGER® T 300 XS in Belgium. The customers showed great interest in the T 300 XS and were convinced of the great performance data.

Xtra short - Xtra performance

The RUTHMANNSTEIGER® T 300 XS scores with a compact vehicle length of 7.59 m and a working height of 30 m. Due to its compact length, the STEIGER® can also be used in urban areas and covers a larger field of application thanks to its higher outreach without having to move the machine. Mounted on a 7.49 t chassis, the working platform offers 23 m outreach and achieves a full 2 m more as its predecessor. The increased basket load of now even 350 kg combined to the particularly large outreach results in further interesting application possibilities. Through the interplay of compactness and performance, we have still been able to achieve multiple successes. 

The Roadshow in Belgium was a complete success! Our customers could convince themselves of the RUTHMANN quality and gain practical experiences.

T 300 XS im Einsatz in Belgien
Der RUTHMANN STEIGER® T 300 XS im Einsatz auf der Roadshow in Belgien.

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