„TIME to say goodbye“ Ruthmann managing director Rolf Kulawik retires

After 40 years in the access platform industry, Rolf Kulawik, Managing Director of Ruthmann Holdings GmbH is retiring on June 30, 2022.

Uwe Strotmann verabschiedet Rolf Kulawik in den Ruhestand
Uwe Strotmann (r.) bids farewell to Rolf Kulawik (l.) in retirement

Rolf Kulawik began his career at RUTHMANN GmbH & Co. KG in 2009 as Service Manager International and was appointed Managing Director the following year. The qualified mechanical engineering master had previously worked as plant manager, production manager and managing director, among others for the former competitor WUMAG in Krefeld, Elevant Service GmbH and the company Iberica Plataformas Elevadoras Premium in Spain.

When he took over the management of RUTHMANN, he continued to develop the company uninterruptedly and successfully: while sales in 2010 were just under 50 million euros, the annual group sales of Ruthmann Holdings GmbH have now grown to around 170 million euros.

"I have enjoyed many exciting new developments and the many challenges, large and small, in the industry," reveals Rolf Kulawik. "A long, successful activity creates deep satisfaction and that is only possible with a great team, which I would like to thank at this point. But this would also not have been possible without our customers, dealers, suppliers and service providers, so a big thank you to our business partners as well."

Rolf Kulawik
Managing Director Rolf Kulawik retires on 30 June 2022

During his career at Ruthmann, Rolf Kulawik acquired companies in Switzerland, Italy, the USA and Hungary, of which he was Managing Director or Chairman of the Board. He liquidat-ed the Ruthmann companies in Poland, Bulgaria and Hungary and switched to dealership.

Today, the Ruthmann Group with more than 600 employees consists of the headquarters in Gescher, Germany, where the STEIGER® truck mounted aerial platforms are produced, Ruth-mann Italia S.r.l. with the production facility for ECOLINE truck mounted aerial platforms and BLUELIFT tracked aerial platforms in Montescudo, Italy, as well as Ruthmann GmbH in Dobl, Austria, and Ruthmann Schweiz AG in Kloten.

In addition to the highest product quality, Ruthmann's success concept also includes its broad service network: With eleven of its own service stations in Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzer-land, as well as mobile service points, Ruthmann offers excellent, manufacturer-independent service and unique customer proximity. From 2009-2022, service revenue increased from € 9 million to € 22 million.

Since 2021, Ruthmann Holdings GmbH has been part of Time Manufacturing Company in the USA. Rolf Kulawik accompanied two changes of ownership here (Sterling, H.I.G.) and was a member of the Board of Time Manufacturing.

Rolf Kulawik is proud of the many awards he received during his time at Ruthmann. In 2016, he received the "Großer Preis des Mittelstandes" in Duesseldorf. The IAPA Award for out-standing product development went to Gescher-Hochmoor five times, the MOVICARGA Award four times. In addition, the Muensterland Innovation Prize was also awarded.

On July 1, 2022, Mr. Uwe Strotmann will become the new Managing Director of Ruthmann Holdings GmbH. He has been with the company since 1994 and has been active in the man-agement team as overall sales manager and authorized signatory since 2010.

"With Uwe Strotmann, an experienced manager is taking over my role. He stands for the success of Ruthmann and thus ensures continuity," explains Rolf Kulawik.

Uwe Strotmann also takes over the position for Ruthmann on the Board of Time Manufacturing Company in Waco, Texas.

Uwe Strotmann wird ab dem 1. Juli 2022 Geschäftsführer der Ruthmann Holdings GmbH
Uwe Strotmann, from 1 July 2022 Managing Director of Ruthmann Holdings GmbH

He will be assisted by a proven management team, which will be composed as follows from July 1, 2022:

Annette Timpe as Head of Human Resources and new authorized signatory of Ruthmann Holdings GmbH as of July 1, 2022;

Stefan Linnemann, since 2014 as former Managing Director of the former Ruthmann Finance GmbH & Co. KG, will head the overall sales, marketing and used equipment division as an authorized signatory of Ruthmann Holdings GmbH from July 1, 2022;

Uwe Stapper as commercial manager and authorized signatory of Ruthmann Holdings GmbH;

As well as Dr. Nico Krekeler as head of development and design, authorized signatory of Ruthmann Holdings GmbH.

"We owe Rolf Kulawik the uninterrupted success of the last 13 years and are glad that he will continue to be associated with Ruthmann and will be available to us in an advisory capacity," explains Uwe Strotmann.