RTC - RUTHMANN Technology Connect

The efficient and economical online platform for your RUTHMANN
STEIGER®, BLUELIFT and ECOLINE working platforms.

RUTHMANN Technology Connect

With the new RUTHMANN online tool, the machines equipped with
the corresponding hardware can remotely be monitored, problems can
timely be detected and faults that may occur be rectified. The RUTHMANN
TECHNOLOGY CONNECT - RTC works via the Internet and can
be used with all current web browsers in the office or worldwide. The
system is now available for all new RUTHMANN STEIGER®, BLUELIFT AND
ECOLINE working platforms, but can also be retrofitted to many existing
machines. It replaces RUTHMANNConnect available up to now.

Versatile for customers
and service

The RTC can be used by the RUTHMANN service to solve problems as well as by your own service department. The new system offers a comprehensive graphical representation of all machine data from current tank fill level throughout the machine position to the individual measured values of all sensors installed on the working platform.

There is full access to the history of the sensor data so that it can be traced how often a fault has occured and what caused it. So the fault can quickly be solved. It is also possible to reproduce faults on the basis of the stored data.

RTC customer
The service technician can communicate with the operator by phone or TeamViewer Pilot. Thanks to the RTC, he is able to analyse the fault and to give exact instructions to the operator.

Quick fault clearance for our customers

Especially in the rental business with large vehicle fleets, the new RUTHMANN TECHNOLOGY CONNECT - RTC offers a quick and efficient problem analysis and solution. Application errors made by the rental customers can be immediatly detected by your service department and corresponding instructions be given to the rental customer. This saves after-sales service resources and ensures a quick troubleshooting on work site as well as high machine availability.

RTC support
The geo-positions of the working platforms of the fleet can be seen at any time. All operating data of each machine such as e.g. current working height, outreach and basket load are visible.

Open platform with expandable possibilities

Thanks to the open platform architecture and the many interface possibilities, the RTC is being continually developed and supplemented with further functions. 
Zukünftig können über die Monitoring-Funktion verschiedene Alarme definiert werden. In the future, different alerts can be defined through the monitoring function. This means that, for example, necessary maintenance works will so be signaled timely and can be scheduled in the workshop. The integrated black box stores the faults and alerts for one year. It is then possible to trace later whether a fault has occured more often or what caused it.

Fault analysis even far away from mobile networks

In comparison to previous tools, the RUTHMANN TECHNOLOGY CONNECT - RTC at places without a mobile network enables to port data to a smartphone and to bring it to a place with network coverage. A service technician can then access the smartphone via the Internet and see the data. In the event of faults in remote areas, the deployment of a technician to the place of the fault is no longer necessary in many cases. He is able to identify the problem with the RTC and to give some instructions how to rectify the fault.

RTC Operating principle

Benefit from further advantages:

A uniform platform for all RUTHMANN STEIGER®, BLUELIFT and ECOLINE machines. Easy to learn for your service technicians, clear and uniform representation of all relevant machine data.

Most faults can be solved by phone on the basis of the machine data. Targeted technician deployment on site directly with the necessary spare-parts.

More satisfied customers due to quick fault elimination with minimal staff deployment and lower costs.

Higher machine availability with less failure time and costs.

Advantages at a glance

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RTC - clearly designed, easy to use

The newly designed user interface of the RUTHMANN TECHNOLOGY CONNECT is clearly designed and enables every user to record immediately all relevant machine data. The data are stored in the system. This makes it possible to find out and reproduce the cause of the faults later.

The RTC offers quick fault diagnosis and elimination to ensure a high machine availability.

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